Wedding Cake Sparkler Information

Wedding Cake Sparklers are new to the sparkler industry in the past couple years, but are gaining momentum very fast.  Typically you used to only see these types of sparklers at restaurants and lounges but not at weddings.  Now you will see this amazing display of sparks on top of wedding cakes.  Only a few wedding sparkler companies will offer these wedding cake sparklers that we found which include ViP Sparklers and We Love Sparklers.  If your looking for a new and exciting twist to add to your wedding day look no further than these wedding cake sparklers.

Wedding Cake Sparklers have a burn time typically between 45-55 seconds and are virtually smokeless and ash-less. These wedding cake sparklers leave absolutely no ash or residue whatsoever on the wedding cakes.  The most impressive part about this wedding cake sparklers is they shoot up to six to eight inches up in the air leaving your entire wedding party in awe.  You will not even have to worry about using these strictly outside as they are safe for all indoor and outdoor events.  This is the best part about wedding cake sparklers is that they are safe for indoors!  There are various ways you can use these wedding cake sparklers as well, below we will discuss a couple different ways to incorporate these wedding cake sparklers into your big wedding day!

Wedding Cake Sparklers Spice Up Cutting The Cake Ceremony

The most exciting ways these wedding cake sparklers are now being used is during cutting the cake!  Everyone knows that the cutting of the cake has become slightly stale and a boring, yet, important part of the wedding ceremony.  However, now when the wedding planner brings out the cake with these wedding cake sparklers going off the entire room is buzzing with excitement.  We’ve been lucky enough to see some first hand video’s of this and the entire wedding party is captivated watching everything unfold.  Not even that, but the pictures now taken during the cutting of the cake become some of the best pictures for the entire wedding.  Nothing makes a moment even better than adding sparklers!  We highly recommend considering wedding cake sparklers at your wedding.

Serving Dessert With Wedding Cake Sparklers

Another popular alternative for wedding use with wedding cake sparklers is when serving dessert to your entire wedding party.  As the cost of wedding cake sparklers are quite low, you can attach a sparkler to each table or each individual plate.  Watching the staff deliver each plate with a wedding cake sparkler on the table leaves the crowd speechless.  This is a very unique way to add a spark to your wedding and the best part is the entire wedding party will be caught off guard.  Nowadays when going through the motions of the wedding everyone anticipates the next event, with these wedding cake sparklers you can steal the show.

Cheap Wedding Cake Sparklers

Why do we love these wedding cake sparklers?  You don’t need a lot of them and they are very affordable.  We know wedding budgets are important and picking which final wedding touches you want to add are very important.  If your looking for a unique twist however, look no further than these wedding cake sparklers.  The two companies mentioned above ViP Sparklers and We Love Sparklers both offer these wedding cake sparklers in two colors of silver and gold.  We love that they both selected the two most popular colors that match wedding cakes and wedding decor.  Giving the newlyweds an option on color, is just one more step they took going above and beyond to make your wedding even more special.  We highly recommend these Wedding Cake Sparklers At Wedding Sparkler Reviews.