Premium Sparklers


At Wedding Sparklers Review this was our most sought after product to get our hands on as only a few sparkler companies carried this product.  The best way to describe these premium sparklers is like a beefed up version of your typical 4th of July Sparkler.  These premium sparklers stand at just under ten inches and have a burn time of just under one minute.  You may ask what is so special about the premium sparklers?  These premium sparklers are safe for all indoor and outdoor venues.  Majority of sparklers sold by all of the wedding sparkler companies are only meant to be used outdoors, which leaves a lot to desired.  There was always a market for indoor sparklers, but never an actual indoor sparklers, that changed when ViP Sparklers and We Love Sparklers were able to supply us with this.

Indoor Premium Sparklers

Premium Sparklers At Restaurant

These premium sparklers are made with a steel wire core which helps ensure a nearly smokeless and ash-less display.  Due to the short length and short burn time make these the perfect sparkler to used indoors under the proper circumstances.  After speaking with the staff at ViP Sparklers, they stated these indoor premium sparklers are perfect for small amount uses of 25-50 guests.  They did not recommend using a large number of these premium sparklers at one time inside though as they still are sparklers so they do give off a little bit of smoke.  We also spoke with We Love Sparklers and they also recommend no more than 50 premium sparklers as well.  These are the perfect sparklers for wrapping them in ribbons or with custom match boxes, as they are small and offer a perfect set of 10 sparklers per ribbon pack.

Restaurants Using Premium Sparklers


While these premium sparklers are not used that often at wedding’s due to the majority of parties using 36 inch wedding sparklers which tend to steal the show.  These sparklers steal the show at restaurants and lounges across the nation on Desserts.  These premium sparklers can be placed on any desserts or cakes without leaving any ash or residue on the dish.  If you are looking for a way to give your finishing dish the attention it deserves than look no further.  These premium sparklers will draw the attention to the amazing dessert dish being ordered and give it the highlight and attention it deserves.  These premium sparklers almost serve the same purpose as the widely popular champagne bottle sparklers, which main purpose is to draw the attention of the entire crowd to a champagne bottle being ordered.  We love seeing sparklers out and about and these premium sparklers are an excellent excuse to use during dinner time!  These sparklers have a burn time of approximately 35-45 seconds when lit.

We understand premium sparklers are not widely known or used, but love the versatility they can bring. Whether using these sparklers for a small indoor event or using them at a restaurant they will bring plenty of glowing energy to the crowd.  Premium sparklers are one of the cheaper options for purchasing true sparklers on the market so it’s hard to find an excuse or way not to use them.