Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers

Heart shaped wedding sparklers have become increasingly popular during Valentines, but surprisingly these sparklers have now become a wedding hit!  Typically you would only see these heart shaped sparklers for romantic picnics, anniversaries, and various events.  Now these heart shaped wedding sparklers can be seen in a lot of places at a wedding.  When looking at all of the wedding sparkler companies we reviewed that all carried heart shaped wedding sparklers all shared the same standard sizes and burn time.  You can expect that your heart shaped wedding sparklers will be approximately 10 inches in length and have a burn time of one minute.  This is the standard measurements when purchasing heart shaped wedding sparklers across the industry.  You will instantly think that these heart shaped wedding sparklers burn too short for a grand wedding exit.  While you may be correct these heart shaped sparklers are being used in many different aspects during the wedding day and night.

Perhaps the coolest thing about the heart shaped wedding sparklers is how they burn!  When you light up the heart sparklers at the top instead of one sparkle, they hearts sparklers actually have two sparks that go around the heart and don’t go out until they touch at the bottom.  This really makes the heart sparklers look amazing in photographs and truly makes it the romantic sparkler.  When purchasing from wedding sparkler companies you will find they sell heart shaped sparklers in quantities of 36,72, and 144 heart sparklers.  We have noticed that only one of the companies offers custom order sizes of heart sparklers and that is ViP Sparklers.

Using Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers At Your Wedding

So how do you use heart shaped wedding sparklers then?  One of the most popular ways to use heart shaped wedding sparklers is for fun bridal pictures with your wedding party.  Today most newlyweds take countless photographs with the party from silly ones to preset placements, this is a great way to make it even more romantic.  Having the wedding party each hold a heart sparkler proves not only for a unique setup, but you can expect some truly flawless photo’s.

A couple months ago we had a customer that reached out to us explaining how she used a mixture of 20 inch wedding sparklers and heart sparklers in her wedding sparkler exit and the results were amazing.  Since the heart sparklers only lasted half the time she gave the guests each two heart sparklers, so when the first sparkler was about to go out they would easily touch it with the unlit and have another full minute.  We never thought of bringing two heart sparklers for using them as a grand wedding exit.  The pictures of the heart sparklers sprinkled in with the big ones made for the most beautiful wedding sparkler combination.  We also have been seeing an increase in the popularity of heart sparklers being used for just intimate photo’s with the bride and groom alone.

When it comes to using heart shaped sparklers with just for a wedding exit we may be suggests this sparklers alone.  However, if your looking for a fun way to incorporate a new way to incorporate sparklers look no further.  At Wedding Sparkler Reviews we especially love these, just because we are suckers for anything romantic when it comes weddings!