36 inch Wedding Sparkler Information

36 inch wedding sparklers are the most popular wedding sparklers on the market and for good reason.  It used to be common practice that you would only associate these wedding sparklers with larger wedding parties and for a vast number of people.  However, the tuned quickly changed in the past five years when wedding sparklers have now become the go to wedding item at the end of your night.  Brides have quickly realized how exciting it is to add wedding sparklers at the end of your night as it’s a great way to get your wedding party together one last time to celebrate the newlyweds.  These 36 inch wedding sparklers have quickly become the go to wedding sparklers for a couple reasons, they are the absolute best sparklers for wedding photography and also carry the longest burn time.  Often times you will hear these wedding sparklers being called #36 sparklers or just longer wedding sparklers.

36 Inch Wedding Sparkler Burn Time

Perhaps one of biggest draws to these 36 inch wedding sparklers is they have the longest burn time on the market.  The standard 36 inch wedding sparkler has a burn time of 3.5 to 4 minutes which leave plenty of time for bride and groom to exit casually when doing a grand exit.  Typically it does take about 30-45 seconds to have all of the sparklers lit, which still leaves more than enough time to casually stroll through the 36 inch sparklers while stopping and making some memorable poses in the middle of the shower of sparks.  A lot of brides and grooms love to rush through the sparkling exit, but its actually best to slow down and enjoy the moments and trust us the pictures will turn out even better!  With the added burn time of the 36 inch sparklers concerns go out the window.  Not only do we love the burn time on these wedding sparklers, but do the longer length these look fantastic being displayed in wedding buckets!  You will always want to remember you will want to make it easy for your wedding guests to easily grab a sparkler as they exit out.  When doing a wedding sparkler exit you will always want to remember to make it as easy as possible for your wedding guests.

Why 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers Are The Best

The best reason why we love the 36 inch wedding sparklers takes place when they are in action.  These 36 inch wedding sparklers are long enough that when the bride and groom are exiting through the sparklers they are actually walking under the sparklers.  By having your guest use these longer wedding sparklers they are actually creating an arch for the newlyweds to walk though. When using smaller 20 inch wedding sparklers or 10 inch sparklers the bride and groom are just walking next to the wedding sparklers and the moment isn’t as surreal. You can quickly glance at this with any of the 36 inch wedding sparkler pictures on the internet.  Almost all of the newlyweds are being lead out by the sparklers which create a truly magical wedding exit.

When it comes to picking out the right wedding sparkler for you wedding it comes down to what’s most important to you.  If you want less stress due to burn time and care how the wedding pictures come out, than look no further then the 36 inch wedding sparklers.  The only downside of the #36 sparklers is the price point.  They do tend to be the most expensive wedding sparklers on the market across the board when it comes to any company.  That’s expected though, as they are the longest wedding sparklers and are nearly double the size as the next closest sparkler size of 20 inches.  Through all of our research we did come to find the two cheapest companies when purchasing 36 inch wedding sparklers are ViP Sparklers and Grand Wedding Exit, as they nearly beat the competitors by 15% across the board when comparing ten sparkler companies.  We understand brides are looking at different views when picking out their ideal weddings, so we hope this breakdown of our 36 inch wedding sparklers have helped pin down the ideal sparkler for you.  At Wedding Sparkler Reviews we have determined the 36 inch wedding sparklers to the best option if you plan on having a grand wedding exit with sparklers.  Due to the burn time and the way the wedding photograph’s come out, if you can afford these sparklers in your wedding budget than look no further.  If you ever have any questions about 36 inch wedding sparklers please reach out to Wedding Sparkler Reviews, we love all feedback and new and exciting news about 36 inch sparklers!