20 Inch Wedding Sparkler Information

20 inch wedding sparklers are commonly referred to as #20 wedding sparklers and have become one of the most popular wedding sparklers on the market.  These wedding sparklers have become so sought after for a couple reasons, and some you might not even expect.  With 20 inch wedding sparklers having an average burn time of 2 to 2.5 minutes make this the perfect wedding sparkler for almost all wedding sizes.  Most sparkler websites recommend using these #20 wedding sparklers when hosting a medium size wedding gathering and we absolutely agree!  These 20 inch wedding sparklers are ideal with wedding party sizes between fifty wedding guests and up to one hundred and twenty-five.  With the extended burn time compared to our previously mentioned 10 inch wedding sparklers, make this a better option for larger sized weddings.

20 Inch Wedding Sparkler Burn Times

When it comes to choosing to use 20 inch wedding sparklers at your wedding, you can safely assume the bride and groom will not feel rushed when exiting with the sparklers at the end of the wedding night.  One of our main goals at Wedding Sparkler Reviews is to help alleviate any issues when it comes to using sparklers at your wedding.  With a burn time of over two minutes you will have absolutely no issues getting the sparkling exit underway and most importantly enjoying the grand exit!  We absolutely offer tips and tricks when it comes to lighting process to help setup and proceed with the perfect wedding sparkler farewell!

Purchasing 20 inch wedding sparklers with most wedding sparkler companies you will find they sell them in different quantities of 48 sparklers, 96 sparklers, and 144 sparklers.  Majority of the wedding sparkler companies we reviewed offer custom orders when it comes to using #20 wedding sparklers as they tend to be very popular.  Some of the companies we reviewed even offer discounts on bulk orders of these 20 inch sparklers.  If never hurts to reach out to these sparkler companies if you do have a larger wedding party and ask for any promotional or current discounts available for any sparkler orders.

Purchase Only 20 Inch True Wedding Sparklers

While you are purchasing these #20 wedding sparklers you will want to make sure you are purchasing true wedding sparklers.  A lot of times brides mistakenly purchase the incorrect wedding sparklers that are just generic pyrotechnic sparklers not knowing better.  Ideal 20 inch wedding sparklers are made with a steel wire core that are specifically built for wedding exits.  A lot of generic sparkler companies will offer bamboo or wooden 20 inch sparklers, which you will absolutely want to stay clear off.  These perceived wedding sparklers will be extremely smokey and give a distinct odor smell.  Unfortunately some brides are not aware of how important finding the right 20 inch wedding sparklers are and have to experience unsatisfactory wedding exits.  When purchasing the incorrect wedding sparklers the pictures and atmosphere is just not the same.  So please remember when purchasing your 20 inch wedding sparklers to make sure you are getting true wedding sparklers.

20 Inch Wedding Sparkler Prices

Prices for 20 inch wedding sparklers tend to fall right in the middle of the 10 inch wedding sparklers and 36 inch wedding sparklers, which pretty much makes sense.  When it comes to more length and longer burn time with true wedding sparklers you will find the price tends to rise.  However don’t expect to pay a premium for these sparklers, 20 inch wedding sparklers tend to be the most economical sparkler on the market.  As we know weddings tend to add up, if your coming close to your wedding budget and want to include a wedding sparkler exit look no further than purchasing #20 wedding sparklers.

20 Inch Wedding Sparkler Art

20 inch wedding sparklers are the perfect sparkler size for making fun art!  Every see pictures of sparklers with wedding dates and fun writing? Guess the wedding sparkler size?  That’s right! If you are looking to write a message with your sparklers or set up some romantic sparkling swirls you’ll want to use 20 inch sparklers!  20 inch sparklers have just the right amount of flexibility to create sparkler cursive.  If you want to partake in these types of photo’s just inform your wedding photography and they will be well versed in helping you assist creating these sparkling masterpieces.  We even have an area under our topics on diving into using 20 inch wedding sparklers for art in motion to help capture these sparkling moments in a snapshot.

Overall, at Wedding Sparklers Reviews we absolutely recommend purchasing 20 inch wedding sparklers for your sparkling grand exit.  Due to it’s price point and various different options you can create with these sparklers show it’s true versatility.  With it’s extended burn time nearly three times as long as the #10 inch sparklers this makes it an easy choice.  When it comes to any questions or concerns with pulling the trigger on 20 inch sparklers do not hesitate to call email us and our dedicated team will absolutely assist you.  Below you will find a breakdown of our favorite 20 inch wedding sparkler across the board from all sparkler companies.