10 Inch Wedding Sparklers Information

At Wedding Sparklers Review we wanted to take the time to go in-depth about the the variety of wedding sparklers to help inform all brides on purchasing wedding sparklers.  The 10 inch wedding sparklers is always going to be your cheapest wedding sparkler option on the market no matter which sparkler company you decide to purchase from.  Many wedding sparkler companies have variation names of this sparkler as well on their website, so we want you to be familiar with all names.  Almost all sparkler companies classify their sparklers as 10 inch wedding sparklers or #10 wedding sparklers whenever they sell them.  When it comes to selling 10 inch wedding sparklers majority of the wedding sparkler companies will sell these sparklers in quantities of 48 sparklers, 96 sparklers, and 144 sparklers.  Some wedding sparkler companies will offer a custom option to serve you an exact number of 10 inch wedding sparklers needed.   This is absolutely something you will want to request if you are looking for a specific amount as some companies do refuse to break open their packaging to give a certain amount of wedding sparklers.

10-Inch Wedding Sparklers Are The Cheapest Option

When it comes to buying wedding sparklers on a budget look no further than 10 inch wedding sparklers.  We consider these sparklers a beefed up version of your typical 4th of July sparklers.  When it comes to the burn time of 10 inch wedding sparklers you can expect a burn time of around 35 seconds to 45 seconds.  This will be on the short side if you plan on doing a grand wedding exit with wedding sparklers with larger wedding parties.  If you plan on having anywhere above fifty wedding guests and plan on using sparklers at your wedding we would not recommend the ten inch wedding sparklers as your best option.  However, this wedding sparkler finds alternative ways which make it perfect for uses at your wedding.  These sparklers are often used for wedding toasts and first dances which fit perfectly with the time constraints.  A lot of brides love the versatility the #10 inch wedding sparklers can bring to a wedding and is used a lot of times.

The success of these wedding sparklers comes down to the price point, as with almost all wedding aspects things tend to slowly add up.  When it comes to #10 inch sparklers you can expect to find very cheap prices compared to the widely popular 20 inch wedding sparklers and 36 inch wedding sparklers.   But when choosing wedding sparkler sizes you will want to look at many other options than just prices for instance, the burn time needed with the wedding party, how the pictures will turn out with the sparklers being held, where you will be doing the exit.

Unique Ways to Use 10 Inch Wedding Sparklers At Weddings

When it comes down to using #10 inch wedding sparklers we strictly recommend using these for very small wedding parties or for special occasions with wedding toasts and first dances.  We have seen countless pictures brides have taken with 10 inch wedding sparklers when doing wedding toasts and have to make it a point to say these are some of the most unique and best wedding photos with wedding sparklers we have seen.  Especially using these for wedding toasts, if you can grab high aerial photo’s steals the show!

Majority of the time with 10 inch wedding sparklers they aren’t even used for weddings!  A lot of events and catering services love using these #10 wedding sparklers for all celebration events.  You have to remember 10 inch wedding sparklers are rather small compared to the other wedding sparklers sizes of 20 inch & 36 inch wedding sparklers.  A lot of restaurants and events will pair their dessert with one of these #10 inch wedding sparklers.

Why We Love 10 Inch Wedding Sparklers

One of the main advantages of 10 inch wedding sparklers is they give off the least amount of smoke.  Now we strictly only recommend using only true wedding sparklers when purchasing any wedding sparklers.  By using a true wedding sparklers you can ensure you have the most smokeless and ash-less sparkler on the market.  However, you must keep in mind that all sparklers do give off some type of smoke as they do sparkle!  With the ten inch sparklers you have chosen the sparkle with the absolute least amount of smoke residue possible.  That is why a lot of restaurants love using these wedding sparklers as they will not have to worry about setting any alarms off when using these ten inch wedding sparklers indoors.  Now we do not recommend lighting a tremendous amount of these smaller wedding sparklers off indoors, but using a small amount of these small sparklers will not be an issue.  You will be shocked at how creative you can get with these sparklers, some brides have used these ten inch sparklers with dessert dishes at the wedding reception.  The way the crowd reacts to the desserts coming out caught on camera really leaves for some awe-inspiring wedding moments and photos.

As you can see these #10 inch wedding sparklers have many benefits and some drawbacks.  As we know every wedding is unique and special in its own merit, these ten inch sparklers could be perfect for your wedding or event!  Our goal at Wedding Sparkler Reviews is to help pinpoint which wedding sparkler is right for you and letting you know every fact we know about each individual wedding sparklers and in this case, 10 inch wedding sparklers.  Under the right circumstances these can be the ideal wedding sparklers.  If you have any additional questions or concerns do not hesitate to ask our staff at any time at Help@WeddingSparklerReviews.com and most importantly Happy Wedding Sparkler Shopping!