Wedding Sparkler Reviews wanted to briefly discuss all of the popular wedding sparkler sizes and pick our personal favorite.  Please click on More Information to get all our entire information on each wedding sparkler size.   

36 inch Wedding Sparkler

36 inch wedding sparkler

36 inch wedding sparklers are considered the cornerstone wedding sparklers.  Due to its extended burn times of 3.5 to 4 minutes which allow plenty of time for the bride and grooms to exit worry free.  Perhaps the 36 inch wedding sparklers best attribute happens to be the way the pictures come out.  Due to the long length of the 36 inch wedding sparklers the wedding party almost creates an arch tunnel with the sparklers.  This makes it look as if the bride and groom are walking underneath the sparklers and the result are truly stunning wedding photo’s. We feel that this is the best type of wedding sparkler to use for your wedding sparkler exit!  Please click on “View Sparkler Rating” for our complete breakdown on our 36 inch wedding sparklers.

20 inch Wedding Sparkler

20 inch wedding sparklers

20 inch wedding sparklers are typically the most popular wedding sparker sold on the market.  Why are these 20 inch wedding sparklers so popular though? Easy, it’s due to their amazing price point.  As the cost of weddings rise and budgets are being crunched and you still would like to have a sparkling exit, 20 inch wedding sparklers fit the bill.  These wedding sparklers also have an extended burn time of two minutes which allow for plenty of time for a proper sparkling exit.  20 inch wedding sparklers are also ideal for sparkler art or writing.  These wedding sparklers allow for a lot of creativity and fun photo’s if you coordinate with your wedding photographer.  Click on “View Sparkler Rating” to read our entire review of 20 inch wedding sparklers.

10 inch Wedding Sparkler

10 inch wedding sparkler

10 inch wedding sparklers are considered beefed up 4th of July sparklers in our eyes.  These are the cheapest wedding sparklers you can find on the market, but do offer some crucial drawbacks.  These wedding sparklers have a very short burn time and we only recommend using for much smaller weddings and fun bridal photo’s with the wedding party.  However, where they lack on doing a proper wedding exit at the end of the night, they do excel in using them in other areas of your wedding such as wedding toasts and first dances.  Want to think outside of the wedding sparkler box, look no further than 10 inch wedding sparklers.  Head on over to this “View Sparkler Rating” for a unique twist with wedding sparklers!

Wedding Cake Sparklers

wedding cake sparklers

Looking for other ways to add a sparkle to your wedding night?  You must check out Wedding Cake Sparklers.  These cake sparklers will add the missing touch to cutting the cake or presenting dishes to the entire wedding party.  Brides have shared with us how excited and memorable the moments were when adding these simple wedding cake sparklers.  We often say that adding these wedding cake sparklers are an inexpensive way to make your night memorable.  Go ahead and click on “View Sparkler Rating” to find some new exciting ways to add a sparkle to your wedding night!

Heart Sparkler

heart sparklers

Looking to add a specific romantic touch with wedding sparklers to the end of the night then we recommend using Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers.  These sparklers aren’t specifically designed for wedding exits, however mixing them with 36 inch or 20 inch wedding sparklers yield some impressive and stunning wedding pictures.  We’ve often found that these romantic sparklers work great with fun bridal photo’s and really create some unique moments capturing the true love of the day.  There are some important facts you will want to know when planning to use heart shaped wedding sparklers so click on over to “View Sparkler Rating”.

Premium Sparkler

premium sparklers

Only a few companies offer Premium Sparklers that we reviewed, but we happened to love the versatility that they offer and wanted to make sure you know all the options.  These premium sparklers give you the ability to offer some really creative twists on not only using these for weddings but all events.  These premium sparklers give you the ability to use these for indoors although on a small scale, allow the option which is not recommended for any other wedding sparkler on the market.  To get all of the facts on these premium sparklers, hop on over to “View Sparkler Rating”.