Vintage Tin Buckets For Your Wedding Sparklers

We were so thrilled to find the perfect match for your wedding sparklers! This particular item is quickly becoming the most in-demand wedding sparkler companion! It is very thrilling to see brides and grooms go crazy with this product especially when they have the opportunity to personalize it and match it with their wedding theme.

We are of course referring to vintage tin buckets, which are perfect in securely and safely holding wedding sparklers of different sizes. These wedding sparkler vintage buckets can hold all of your wedding sparklers—from the 20-inch sparklers up to the 36-inch ones. We wanted to make sure we reviewed this product in order to assist our brides and grooms in properly and safely disposing and arranging their wedding sparklers during their big day. We have always blogged about how couples can properly display and store their wedding sparklers, and we are now recommending tin buckets as a perfect option! Even though wedding sparklers are a growing trend, some venues may be hesitant to accept the use of sparklers. We feel that including tin buckets as a placement and disposal site for wedding sparklers will convince skeptical venues to allow the use of wedding sparklers in their premises. We have kept in touch with these venues, show them how the product works and sent them samples to show them why this is a must have for all weddings. Brides, Grooms, guests and venues can further enjoy wedding sparklers with the use of this added item.

Why We Love Wedding Sparkler Buckets

These 15-inch steel wedding buckets allow brides and grooms to easily decorate their sparklers and make it the true star of the show. The brides and grooms of today have been increasingly creative when it comes to incorporating the use of tin buckets in their wedding parties. There are some couples who paint their buckets with any color they wish to add pizzazz to its look. There are also some who tie a ribbon around the bucket. If you wish to decorate the entire venue with a love theme, we suggest you place a heart silhouette in your vintage bucket and place your initials in the middle.

By using a vintage tin bucket with your wedding sparklers allows two distinct advantages to your grand wedding exit.  By displaying your wedding sparklers in these beuckets makes it extremely easy for your wedding party.

Wedding Sparkler Buckets

Finding the perfect spot for your vintage tin buckets is very easy. Since it is tall, it can sit as a stand alone item and you do not have to look for a chair or table to put it on. You can also place the buckets in the aisle. You can also use these buckets as an intricate and unique table centerpiece that will certainly enthrall your guests.

The most common content of the vintage tin bucket is sand. Fill half of the bucket with sand and you can bury the Wedding Sparklers in its soft surface without causing any harm to the sparklers. If you will be having a beach party, you can opt to fill your bucket with pebbles, sand and seashells. Another alternative to sand would be small fish gravels, which can be purchased in many different colors or single colors and then mixed to match your wedding theme.  The number one rated wedding sparkler company ViP Sparklers actually offers wedding sparkler buckets directly on their website for an easy one stop shop.

If you want to give your wedding sparklers the perfect container, then Vintage Tin Buckets is just what you need!