Determine Your Sparkler Quality with a few DIY Tips

There are a few ways to determine your sparkler quality. Customers can easily determine the quality of their sparkler with a “home sparkler review.” It is very important to determine whether the sparkler you purchased is of top quality or perhaps may need to be exchanged before your event date arrives.

When it comes to reviewing your sparkler quality, there are two phases. First, customers can examine the value of their sparkler physically. In other words, there are a few tests you can do at home to test the physical properties of your sparkler before igniting it.

DIY Sparkler Quality Review- Sparkler Core

Steel wire core
The best sparklers on the market are made with a steel wire core. Typically, 4th of July sparklers have a bamboo (wooden) core, which results in a very smoky sparkle (think of how a campfire looks when its first beginning to burn). On the other hand, steel wire core sparklers offer a silver and bendable wire when pressure is applied. Top quality sparklers with steel wire cores allow for sturdiness and a clear sparkle. Additionally, when the sparkler is lit, you can safely hold the sparkler without any worries of the handle getting hot. Poor quality sparklers burn the core of the sparkler and eventually leads to being unable to even hold the sparkler. Purchasing steel wire core sparklers allow for multiple placement options such as using your sparklers as centerpieces.

DIY Sparkler Quality Review- Firework Composition

Sparkler composition
Before igniting the sparkler, bride and grooms can physically review and test the quality and standards of their sparkler composition. You should be able to perform the following tests on your sparkler:
⦁    tap it on a desk or wood
⦁    squeeze the sparkler composition
⦁    run the sparkler between your index and thumb fingers with very little residue on your fingers (but no fallen pieces)
⦁    flick the sparkler

If your sparkler remains intact after physically testing it at home, it will most likely pass our next test with flying colors. If pieces of your sparkler break after performing any of these physical tests, your sparkler is of poor quality. Fortunately, there is still one more part of the “do it yourself” sparkler review test to completely determine the quality of your sparkler.

DIY Sparkler Quality Review- Lighting Your Sparkler

Igniting Your Sparkler
Light your sparkler and take notice of the amount of smoke and ash it produces. The best wedding sparklers on the market will produce very little smoke. Remember that wedding sparklers are a novelty firework item, so it will give off a bit of smoke when sparkling. On the contrary, bamboo (wooden) core sparklers produce significantly more smoke, enough not to even notice the sparkles.

Your sparkler should also sparkle evenly. The best way to determine this is to ignite your sparkler above a clean, white surface (even a paper towel). If your sparkler sparkles evenly, there should be little to no residue left on your clean surface. If bits and pieces begin to fall off after igniting your sparkler firework, we recommend purchasing better quality sparklers for your event. Top quality sparklers do not break and therefore sparkle evenly because they are double-dipped in wedding sparkler firework composition and withstand the heat of the sparkler.

Almost all wedding sparkler companies offer refunds for unused sparklers. If you purchase your sparklers early, try to find the best wedding sparklers on the market. Once they arrive, put them through the test. If it appears that you purchased poor quality sparklers, simply return your sparklers for a refund and choose the next best sparkler company.

DIY Wedding Sparkler Reviews- Our Tests

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