Shelf Life Of Wedding Sparklers

What Is The Shelf Life Of Wedding Sparklers?

Many brides choose to purchase their wedding sparklers last minute because they feel wedding sparklers must be used immediately and unable to be stored for later use.  Given all the planning that takes place before a wedding, it is also only natural that wedding sparklers found their way to the last items on the list.  Unfortunately, some times brides wait too long and have to scramble last minute to make sure someone is available to receive their wedding sparklers (if they can even arrive in time), which adds tons of stress!

We have great new insight to share with you all!  If you purchase true wedding sparklers, you won’t need to question whether they will still be useful if stored for weeks or months.  True Wedding Sparklers have a steel wire core and made with top quality sparkling composition.  These wedding sparklers have a shelf life of about 3 – 5 years!  If you can provide the following environment for your wedding sparklers, you can purchase it as soon as possible:

Dry environment (sparklers cannot get wet)

Cool temperature

No prolonged direct sunlight

Wedding sparklers will perform perfectly if ordered early and kept under those specific conditions.  Keeping your true wedding sparklers in a closet for example, meets all of our suggested conditions;  it is that easy! Carefully packaged wedding sparklers are grouped in 8 wedding sparklers per sleeve and will appear brand new regardless of how early you placed your order!  Each set of 8 wedding sparklers is wrapped in plastic, assorted inside a carton sleeve and finally bundled inside a spacious box.

Once it is time to light your wedding sparklers (for tips on lighting, please click here),  you will gaze in awe at the clear, blooming sparkles!  One of the most defining features of true wedding sparklers is the virtually smokeless sparkles; the kind of sparklers that grant uttering amazing pictures!  Photographers are quickly adapting to the wedding sparkler trend since bride and grooms are diligently searching for experienced wedding sparkler photographers.  There are different approaches and events where wedding sparklers are used.  Make sure to check out our amazing blog on Wedding Sparkler Writing for one special example.


If during your wedding planning meetings the topic of wedding sparklers comes up, purchase them that night!  Many websites offer friendly options for customer notes section for any special requests.  If for instance you are shipping to your venue, we recommend you include the venue manager’s name as well as your own.  If your venue is a hotel, some times it is best to include your reservation number in addition to your name and the hotel’s name.

Free Shipping On Wedding Sparklers Saves Money

One more great perk to purchasing your wedding sparklers early is that if you may qualify for free shipping, you’ll be able to save on the shipping cost that you would normally procure when requesting expedited shipping.  On the other hand, our free shipping requires you place your order early since our estimated delivery time ranges from 7 – 14 business days (weekends not included).  A couple websites offer free shipping with their wedding sparklers which are ViP Sparklers, Grand Wedding Exit, and USA Sparklers.  This helps save brides a little more as we know the costs of weddings only keep going up.