A Guide To Photographing Wedding Sparklers

When it comes to wedding sparklers, many people think that the only way that they can capture its beauty is through a camera. For your information, capturing the lights and sparkles of your wedding sparklers can also be done by your guests, using their smartphone! Taking pictures of bottle sparklers and wedding sparklers through smartphone can be possible. It is also about knowing how to achieve the perfect sharpness, position and knowing how to capture things in motion.

Taking Pictures With Wedding Sparklers

The Challenges To Face

Capturing wedding and bottle sparklers pose some unique challenges. You must understand the fact that these sparklers produce millions of light streams and bursts. The concept behind the perfect shot is to pluck each and every sparkle form your Wedding or Bottle Sparklers.

Taking Seflies

To make the perfect shot, it is recommended that you place your camera in dual camera mode. This simple features allows you smartphone camera to take selfie shot and a regular camera shot simultaneously. Can you imagine how wonderful your wedding album will look if each and every picture features the vivid facial expressions of your guests as they light up the sparklers?

Big No To Zoom

Having a picture of glowing wedding sparkler already looks great. But can you imagine if you can take the photos of your wedding sparkler in detail? To do this, the first thing that you need to do is to avoid using the digital zoom of your phone. When you do this, the flame will become pixelated and it will certainly lack the sharpness that you need to make a great shot. In addition to this, using digital zoom will crop the image and it will need a steady hand to take a great shot.

If your smartphone has no optical zoom, the best thing that you need to do is to go closer to where the action is. The closer you are to the wedding or bottle sparkler, the better picture quality you can capture. Now that you know this simple tip, the next trick that you should master is how to use the editing options of your camera to create the professional shot. Two of the best features that you can use are burst mode and gridline.

Editing in Your Phone Like A Pro

Using gridlines is the best way to take photos like a pro. It is important that you follow the rules of thirds when taking photos of your sparklers. In addition to this, you can also take advantage of the burst mode which allows you to take rapid-fire pictures within a specific time frame. This is the best way to capture the sparkle of your sparklers.

Capturing That Wedding Glow

When it comes to capturing the glow of sparklers, the best thing that you can do is to use the HDR feature of your phone. Avoid using flash so you can fully capture its glow. If you wish to make your photos look more enchanting, then you can take advantage of the different camera apps that are available at the app store. Don’t forget to take into account different wedding sparklers sizes which can alter the way you