Different Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Sparklers

There is no better way to make your big day more magical than with the use of wedding sparklers. Time and time again, brides and grooms expressed how the use of wedding sparklers turned a special day into a magical one! The bride and groom have spent months and even years planning their wedding day and wedding sparklers will surely ensure that it will be a memorable day not just for them but for everyone as well.

The use of wedding sparklers in your big day is quite numerous. One of its most popular use is in the grand exit of the newly weds. This takes place at the end of the ceremony when the guests create a runway of sparklers to celebrate the union of two very special individuals. The use of wedding sparklers is also quite versatile. Depending on the quantity and size of the sparklers, these can also be used indoors but its outdoor use bears no limitations.


Many couples would surely want each and every detail to perfectly match their wedding theme. If that is the case, then wedding sparklers should not be an exception and you can make sure that it matches your wedding colors by painting it! With the use of high quality paint, you are able to paint your sparkler to match your wedding colors. It is recommended that you light a painted sparkler to make sure it still works perfectly. After assuring your painted sparkler still sparkles clearly and consistently, you can proceed on painting all the other sparklers that you purchased.

Now, if you wish to make your painted sparklers look even more personalized, another great detail that you can do is to tie ribbons (in colors of your choice) around it. Just make sure that the ribbons you use greatly complement the paint color you chose.

Wedding Sparkler Tags

Wedding Sparkler tags are another great addition or alternative to wedding sparkler ribbons. Tags are personalized decorations placed on wedding sparklers, which typically include the bride and grooms’ names and the time of the sparkler send-off. Therefore, guests will be able to know that their is a planned sparkler exit at the end of the night.

When it comes to personalizing your wedding sparklers, the sky is the limit! You are free to be as creative as you want to be! With the use of wedding sparklers, your big day will surely be a memorable and magical one. Sparklers should be as beautiful and magical when displayed as they are during the sparkler exit! Through the tips mentioned above, you can be able to add a touch of your personality to your big day.