Mistakes to avoid with wedding sparklers

Wedding Sparkler Mistakes You Should Avoid Committing

Using sparklers makes any event seem wonderful and magical. It is true that if you wish to add a whimsical touch to your wedding, lighting sparklers is just the thing that you should do. More than making the event magical, sparklers are the most affordable items that will create the most memorable experience not just for you but for the guests as well. Because of this, one of the biggest wedding trends that we have today is to light sparklers during the couple’s grand exit.

If you wish to enjoy the perfect wedding sparkler send-off, then you must familiarize yourself with some of the most common sparkler mistakes that you need to avoid. With that in mind, here are seven of the biggest and deadliest sparkler mistakes that you should know about and shy away from so you can enjoy a sparkler send-off without any hassles.

  • Not making sure that sparklers are okay for the venue.

It is important for you to check in with your venue to make sure that it is okay with them. There are some venues which do not allow sparklers so it would be wise that you ask them first.

  • Not informing the guests about the send-off.

You would surely want to gather as many guests as possible during the send out. This is why you must announce the send-off. You can do that by asking the host to announce it for you. You can also inform them by writing it in different chalkboards and placing those in different parts of your venue.

  • Not having enough space outdoors

The perfect venue for a sparklers send is in a massive outdoor space. The space must be big enough to accommodate your guests that will form two lines. In addition to that, you also have to consider the space where you will walk in between those lines.

  • Buying too many sparklers

Keep in mind that not everyone will be joining the send-off so it does not make sense to provide each guest with a sparkler. Purchase sparklers for about 75% of your guests.

  • Not providing enough matches

Of course, the guests will need matches to light the sparklers so make sure that you will provide them with enough matches that they need. You can give matches as wedding favors or you can just place the matches in the sparklers station.

  • Wrong Timing

Lighting sparklers is one of the trickiest thing you can ever encounter. There are some sparklers that light easily while others take minutes to light. The best thing that you can do is to perform a  test run so you will know the average time when the sparklers will light. Relay the information to your coordinator so they can time the exit perfectly.

  • No assigned place to put the sparklers out

This is probably the biggest mistake you can ever make. The best way to put and throw the sparklers out is by dipping it in a galvanized steel with lots of sand in it. The sand is responsible for putting the sparkles out and cooling it off before these get thrown away. It is recommended that you place a tag in the galvanized steel so the guests will know what it is for.

In addition to shying away from these mistakes, there are also lots of things that you can do to make the send-off go without a hitch. For one, you can place your sparklers in a tiny bucket and place it where guests can easily get them. Additionally, it is also best that you personalize your sparklers by adding a tag to them. These will surely look great in your wedding photos!