Buckets For Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Buckets With Your Wedding Sparklers

With the rise and popularity with wedding sparklers their became a need to figure out how to properly display and showcase them, enter wedding buckets!  When wedding buckets hit the market alongside wedding sparklers almost every website we reviewed chose to carry them.  This makes absolute sense though, why not get everything you need for your sparkling grand wedding exit at the same time.  Many websites offer a couple different varieties of wedding sparkler buckets from vintage buckets, tin buckets, and rustic buckets depending on which theme goes best with your wedding.  The options are a huge plus as not every wedding can go with a simple tin colored bucket.

Why We Love Wedding Sparkler Buckets

We highly advise using wedding buckets if you plan on using wedding sparklers for a bunch of reasons.  By choosing to use wedding sparkler buckets you are helping yourself out more than you think.  By displaying your wedding sparklers you are letting your wedding guests know that you are having a grand wedding exit at the end of the night, so this will absolutely increase the odds of having everyone stick around until the end of the night.  By choosing to use wedding buckets not only give you a great way to display them to everyone, but actually make it significantly easier for your guest to take sparklers as they go outside and line up to start the display.  This helps save so much time when it’s time for the grand finale to send off the newlyweds onto their future endeavors.  We love the idea that these wedding buckets help now make the wedding sparklers a centerpiece instead of something hidden and tucked away until the end of the night. These wedding sparkler buckets are universal so they can fit all sizes of 10 inch, 20 inch, and 36 inch wedding sparklers.

Sparkler Wedding Buckets

Best Reason To Purchase Wedding Sparkler Buckets

The main reason why we love these wedding sparkler buckets is for a reason that has yet to cross your mind!  After all of the wedding guests sparklers spark their last flame comes the disposal process!  How do you collect all of the sparklers to easily dispose them?  You guessed it, wedding sparkler buckets are the absolute best way to easily and safely collect all of sparklers.  As soon as the sparklers go out, doesn’t mean you can immediately throw them away.  Sparklers stay extremely hot for a couple minutes after they have gone out and you must use extreme caution.  That’s why we absolutely recommend using the wedding buckets filled with sand in them.  By placing the hot part of the sparkler in to the bucket with cool the sparklers quickly which will allow your wedding planner to go ahead and easily and quickly throw away the sparklers.

Pricing for these wedding buckets has been consistent on every single wedding sparkler company we reviewed so that’s the reason why we have decided to leave them out in the review process.  The average price for each wedding bucket ranges from 25 to 35 and most sites offer the popular vintage looking wedding sparkler bucket.  We have yet to see any website offer a package of both sparklers and bucket together with a discount, however this may because all sites offer different quantities of wedding sparklers.

Overall, we highly recommend wedding sparkler buckets and perhaps like everything it offers more so than the actual bucket itself.  If your looking for an easy way to incorporate sparklers into your wedding and want it run smoothly then wedding buckets will give you a huge hand.  You can also research some really beautiful ways that brides have taken the wedding sparkler buckets and really made them the centerpieces of their entire wedding.  If you ever have any questions on how to incorporate the sparkler buckets or general use at all, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Wedding Sparkler Reviews!