Why Everyone Should Love Wedding Punks!


All amazing results require a bit of planning. Luckily, introducing wedding sparklers to your special day only requires a few planned steps. We will break up each step of the entire wedding sparkler experience into individual articles in order to cover the process in detail. For Step 1, please click here on best wedding sparklers to use. After you have selected your ideal wedding sparklers next on your list is deciding if you want to use wedding punks and what exactly are wedding punks used for when dealing with wedding sparklers.

What Are Wedding Punks And How To Use

We now move forward to lighting the wedding sparklers.  Since you are dealing with wedding sparklers, timing is key.  The idea is to light all of your wedding sparklers in the least amount of time in order to effectively take advantage of the wedding sparkler’s limited sparkling time for pictures and multiple grand wedding exit runs: Note, we offer three different sized wedding sparklers each with its own respective sparkling time.  We’ve put together a couple of helpful tips to make this step as joyful as your grand exit.

We begin with the introduction of wedding punks.  Wedding Punks are your wedding sparkler matches;  it resemble incense in both shape and composition.  Nonetheless, you will need a lighter or match to light your first wedding punk, but the wedding punk takes over afterwards.  After being lit, use your wedding punk to light as many wedding sparklers as possible.  Once you notice your wedding punk is beginning to fade, light another one using your fading Wedding Punk and continue to light any remaining wedding sparklers.

On average, wedding punks last 35 seconds. Wedding Punks are considered safer than lighters and matches given the absence of an open flame.  The importance of wedding punks can be acknowledged once a wedding sparkler is lit;  you will immediately notice that wedding sparklers sparkle as soon as it is exposed to a flame for several seconds.  There isn’t a way to predict when a wedding sparkler will begin to sparkle.  In other words, if using something like a match where your hands will be very close to the wedding sparkler, you can be at risk for being “gracefully touched” (burned) by the sparkles once the wedding sparkler exposes its wonderful sparkles.  Wedding Punks avoid this risk by offering a safe distance between your hands and the tip of the wedding sparkler you’re attempting to light.

Wedding Punks are an effective way to light wedding sparklers, but it is only effective when arranged properly.  Truth be told, using the “lunch line” approach is not going to work; one sparkler at a time will take way too long.

Here is a quick breakdown when organizing the lighting of your wedding sparklers:

  • instruct your guests to gather in groups of 10 or 15 (determine the number of groups and guests per group based on the number of wedding sparklers available)
  • Set up your groups along two imaginary, parallel lines (these will shape your runway)
  • ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to hand out your wedding sparklers (or have a designated area for your guests to obtain their own)
  • give each bridesmaids and groomsmen a few wedding punks with an assigned guest group
  • each bridesmaid and groomsman will light a wedding punk next to their assigned guest group
  • all guests in each group will aim each of their wedding sparkler towards the center to create a single point of contact
  • bridesmaid or groomsman will use their lit wedding punk to light each of their assigned groups using the single point of contact

These tips should allow for simultaneous lighting of all your wedding sparklers to really take advantage of the wedding sparklers sparkling time.  The next very important step is shifting from groups to your grand wedding exit; fortunately, your groups were already placed along two imaginary, parallel lines.  At this phase, each group breaks up to form a continuous line.

If you choose our 36inch wedding sparkler with a burning time of 3.5 – 4 minutes, it should take no more than 30 seconds for your groups to break up and form your grand exit wedding sparkler runway.  If you spend a minute doing so, that is completely fine; you still have an amazing 2.5 to 3 minutes of wedding sparkler joy! Trust us, 2.5 to 3 minutes of remaining wedding sparkling time is enough to capture amazing pictures and video!

When it comes to choosing to add wedding punks to your wedding sparkler order you’ll be relieved to know wedding punks are very cheap.  Wedding Punks are often sold in larger packs of 25,50, and 100 punks.  Odds are you will only use a small amount when planning on using them with your wedding sparklers.

Our Review Of Wedding Punks

We love them, they are a very inexpensive way to safely and quickly light your wedding sparklers on your big night.  Wedding Punks make it a lot safer for your wedding guests to light all of the sparklers for the newlyweds to exit through.  Are punks always necessary? Not at all, we actually only recommend using punks if you are planning on lighting more than 75 wedding sparklers to really see the befits of using them on your wedding.