When you’ve finally decided to use Wedding Sparklers at your wedding you may want to consider these important add-ons to make your wedding night sparkle without any issues.  A lot of these wedding sparkler accessories not only make things easier, but are actually vital to creating that fairy-tale ending to your wedding night.

Wedding Sparkler Buckets

Wedding Sparkler Buckets

Wedding Sparkler Buckets are great for two main reasons and neither of which you would commonly think.  By displaying your wedding sparklers in buckets you can make them a centerpiece which not only beautiful displays the sparklers, but lets your wedding guests know you will be doing a sparkling exit at the end of the night.  This will help in letting the guests know they should stay until the end of the night to participate in this activity.  The most important reason for wedding buckets is the cleanup process, wedding guests can easily place the wedding sparklers in the bucket after the sparklers extinguish.  These makes the end of the wedding sparkler exit easy and flawless to cleanup.  Take a look at our “View Rating” for all tips and tricks when using wedding buckets with your sparklers.


Wedding PunksWedding Sparkler Punks

Most people aren’t aware what wedding punks are and most wedding sparkler companies don’t even offer them.  Wedding punks help the lighting the process for medium to large sized weddings.  When you need to quickly light wedding sparklers these help facilitate a quick and easy process.  Wedding punks stay light for a very long time and all you need to do is touch the punk to the sparklers and they will begin to sparkle.  Wedding punks are very cheap and a great option to help your wedding guests lit the sparklers to guide the newlyweds out.  Check out our write up on wedding punks with “View Rating”.

Wedding Tags Wedding Sparkler Tags

Looking for a way to personalize your wedding sparklers than look no further then wedding tags.  These are a great way to advertise to your wedding guests you will be doing a grand exit with sparklers at the end of the night.  If you love do it yourself wedding projects then you can find countless ones to dress up your wedding sparklers for your wedding day.  These are a great way to notify your wedding guests that you will be doing a wedding exit as you can add the time and put it on each individual wedding sparkler.  View all of our advice and tips on wedding sparkler tags at “View Rating”.