We Love Sparklers

We Love Sparklers is considered the wedding sparkler capital of New York City.  We Love Sparklers opened their doors to the public for sparklers back in 2010.  They are considered the only reliable company to easily acquire wedding sparklers in New York.  After much success they expanded and opened shops across the United States to supply events and weddings with true wedding sparklers.  Now today, We Love Sparklers is one of the most successful wedding sparkler companies on the market due to their excellent customer service and quick delivery time on all sparklers.  Through our research We Love Sparklers offers very favorable prices while bringing together a staff that is well versed in not only sparkler knowledge, but creative ways to incorporate wedding sparklers into any event or scenario.   Many of our brides we received feedback from We Love Sparklers continually mentioned that the sales manager Nicole was one of the main reasons why they felt confident purchasing wedding sparklers from this company.

Like ViP Sparklers and Grand Wedding Exit this company offers what we consider to be a true wedding sparkler as well.  This is perhaps the most important test with all of these sparkler companies, if you don’t receive a wedding sparkler to the quality it needs to be then the purchase is a waste.  We Love Sparklers not only passes the true wedding sparkler test, but with it’s presentation has surpassed our expectations.  We Love Sparklers offers prices that are not only in line with most companies, but offer a very informative site.  When going through and making a purchase on We Love Sparklers we found their website was not only eye appealing, but offered a ton of knowledge and research.  A lot of these wedding sparkler websites just sell the product without actually describing anything, We Love Sparklers offers a lot of great way to incorporate everything.  Anyone that visits We Love Sparklers will find out important details about each wedding sparklers, but will also have awe-inspiring pictures to go along with it.  We Love Sparklers did a great way of showing how each different wedding sparkler looks in action, which a lot of other wedding sparkler companies don’t do.

As expected We Love Sparklers offers the most popular sizes of wedding sparklers of 36, 20, and 10 inches.  Each package of wedding sparklers is elegantly done as well with white and black cursive letters.  They certainly took the time in making the packaging fit with the wedding flow and it certainly paid off for them.  Each and every sparkler package feels like a true wedding item.  We are also fans of the way We Love Sparklers reaches out to wedding planners to make personal connections with the wedding industry itself.  A lot of other wedding companies are only considered with sales and landing pages, to actually see a company take the time to reach out and work with people in the wedding industry sets them apart.  It’s great to buy a product from a wedding sparkler company, but to know We Love Sparklers works directly in New York City with wedding planning and changes in the city speaks volume.  This company actually cares about WEDDINGS.  You will always see We Love Sparklers staff working alongside many events in New York City to Miami to pave the way for better weddings with brides.

Overall, We Love Sparklers come in as the 3rd best wedding sparkler to buy when considering purchasing sparklers.  You must take note that their are numerous Wedding Sparkler websites, so to be mentioned in our top 3 certainly sets the standard.  With a very knowledgable staff lead by manager Nicole, be rest assured your wedding sparklers are one less thing to worry about when planning your wedding.  When purchasing from We Love Sparklers we recommend their 20 inch and 36 inch wedding sparklers which received the highest remarks in our review process.

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