ViP Sparklers is a company that specializes in extravagant events.  The company states they have been in business for ten years and offer sparklers specifically built for weddings and events.  Their website caters to both nightclubs and weddings, so we were curious to test their wedding sparklers for quality given their two subdivisions.   All of ViP Sparklers wedding sparklers are double dipped and are true wedding sparklers that are virtually smokeless and ash-less.

ViP Sparklers’ 10inch wedding sparklers are a comfortable size for almost anything.  It is built with a steel wire core and are nicely packaged.  All of their wedding sparklers come in elegant white wedding sleeves for each package of eight.  Our staff was impressed on first impression of receiving ViP Sparklers wedding sparklers.  Customers can purchase a minimum of 48 in this sparkler size with many different shipping options depending on the customer’s needs. ViP Sparklers’ 10inch wedding sparklers are true wedding sparklers and burn evenly once lit with the least possible smoke. Their 10inch sparklers are a comfortable fit for children though we always encourage parental supervision when handling sparklers.  They also offer custom orders if you call their offices, their staff was friendly to accommodate the exact number of wedding sparklers needed.

The 20inch Sparklers from ViP Sparklers are their next specialty and apparently their second most popular sparkler size.  It is a great size for wedding exits and mostly used for wedding parties of 50-150 people.  ViP’s 20inch wedding sparklers are exactly what you would expect from a true wedding sparkler: it sparkles for roughly 2.5 minutes with very little smoke.

Their final wedding sparkler size and their most popular is their 36inch wedding sparkler.  It is their largest sparkler, and we honestly see why.  For wedding parties over 150 people, the 36inch wedding sparkler offers a comfortable 3.5 minutes sparkling time.  According to our research, 3.5 minutes of wedding sparkling time is ample time to dash through your wedding exit several times for more opportunities to capture amazing wedding sparkler photographs.

After purchasing all three of their wedding sparkler sizes (10, 20, and 36 inch sparklers), we confirmed their philosophy and promise “to offer true wedding sparklers at a budget friendly price.”  One of ViP Sparklers’ greatest benefit is their wedding budget friendly prices. They offer the best prices in the wedding sparkler market.

ViP Sparklers also has an active Facebook page. After a few exchanges on their Facebook page, we confidently recommend contacting them any time if you have any questions or concerns. Having an active social media team is a huge plus since anyone can easily open their Facebook app and send a quick question or make a last minute change on their order.  They had the fastest customer response time on multiple attempts, very impressed with their customer support.

We understand wedding sparklers are a last minute item for most brides. More than 80 percent of wedding bride and grooms purchase their wedding sparklers 2 weeks before their wedding date. Though two weeks may seem like enough time to purchase wedding sparklers, any small delay may could potentially cause your wedding sparklers to arrive late. In addition, purchasing your sparklers in advance from ViP Sparklers opens the opportunity to take advantage of their free shipping option, which has an extended delivery time. On the other hand, if you purchased your sparklers within a week of your wedding day, ViP Sparklers has locations throughout the USA to allow for expedited delivery.

ViP Sparklers also offers “sparkler accessories,” a term we like to use for any item or items that complement the wedding sparkler experience. There are a few items we consider vital when purchasing wedding sparklers; for example, wedding sparkler buckets are one of the most recent add-ons to the wedding sparkler experience. Wedding Buckets are used to display your wedding sparklers before use as well as a safe disposal item after your wedding exit. We’ve seen beautifully decorated wedding sparkler buckets filled with sand to serve as a placement for their wedding sparklers as well as introduce the planned wedding sparkler event at the end of the evening.

We are proud to suggest ViP Sparklers to any newlyweds, wedding planners, wedding photographers, and wedding guests who wish to find the best wedding sparklers in the wedding industry.

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