We absolutely love the name of this company simply because the most popular way to use wedding sparklers is to create a ” grand wedding exit.”  Grand Wedding Exit was created by a fellow bride who had a tough time locating great quality wedding sparklers to use at her wedding. After finally locating the sparklers she wanted and seeing her amazing wedding sparkler pictures, she realized how many other brides were looking for the best wedding sparklers and oftentimes settling due to expensive prices or lack of availability.  We sincerely admire Grand Wedding Exit’s goal and are happy to stand by their product standards of true wedding sparklers.

Grand Wedding Exit understands that true wedding sparklers are tough to find especially at a reasonable price. Many sparkler companies have limited selections on wedding sparkler sizes at a much higher cost.  Grand Wedding Exit recognizes the differences in wedding sparkler quality and offer valuable advice in regards to effective ways to use wedding sparklers.  Grand Wedding Exit is one of the most affordable wedding sparkler company on the market and offer fast delivery for free…ALWAYS!  Unlike many sparkler companies, Grand Wedding Exit offers free shipping on all orders every single day!  With additional shipping options for orders requiring even faster delivery, Grand Wedding Exit remains the leading wedding sparkler provider for the quickest and most affordable shipping rates.

Similar to ViP Sparklers, we examined all three wedding sparkler sizes that Grand Wedding Exit offers.  Their 10inch wedding sparkler is their smallest wedding sparkler size.  It is a true wedding sparkler in respects to having a steel wire core and a solid sparkler composition.  In other words, when we received their 10inch sparkler, there were no bits or missing pieces on the sparkler itself, which suggests absolutely great quality.  It sparkles very well and consistently and lasts around 35 seconds.  Grand Wedding Exit’s 10inch wedding sparkler is a great buy for small events or to use as lighters for their two other sparkler options.

For events requiring a bit more of sparkler time, Grand Wedding Exit includes a selection of their 20inch wedding sparkler.  With its comfortable 20inch size, this particular sparkler is growing in popularity for intimate-size wedding parties.  Grand Wedding Exit experts suggest purchasing 20inch wedding sparklers for wedding parties of 50-150 guests.  This wedding sparkler offers ample space for gripping without any risks of being touched by the sparkles once the sparkler is lit.  This particular sparkler size burns for approximately 2.5 minutes and are easily lit using a butane lighter (as are all of their wedding sparklers).

For weddings with 150 guests or above, Grand Wedding Exit also offers 36inch wedding sparklers.  With its impressive 3.5-4 minutes burning time, grand wedding exit takes pride in offering the most popular wedding sparkler in the market for grand exits!  With an average delivery time of 6 business days (with free shipping), couples can receive their 36inch wedding sparklers in time for their wedding if ordered within two weeks of their wedding day.  As a true wedding sparkler, Grand Wedding Exit’s most popular sized sparkler sparkles with clear, almost smokeless sparkles.  It is a great choice for anyone seeking the best sparkler on the wedding market!

Grand Wedding Exit is a company that appreciates the entire wedding sparkler experience and is capable of personally advising all customers in any aspect regarding wedding sparklers.  Grand Wedding Exit specializes in wedding sparklers as well as wedding sparkler accessories.  They offer great items such as wedding sparkler buckets and heart-shaped wedding sparklers.  We feel wedding sparkler buckets are a great addition to the wedding sparkler experience since it houses the wedding sparklers before and after use.  We also encourage anyone considering purchasing wedding sparkler buckets to decorate them to match their wedding theme and use them as centerpieces with the sparklers!  It is a great way to inform your guests of the upcoming wedding sparkler exit.

For any questions or concerns, Grand Wedding Exit has a team of sparkler experts available over the phone.  They also have an active social media team (specifically Facebook) who responds to any questions or changes to new orders.  They’re incredible in updating customers on shipping estimates and delivery times.  We’ve had the pleasure of speaking with a few of their customer care experts and even learned a few awesome tips about wedding sparklers.  Grand Wedding Exit was built on an admiration for beautiful wedding sparkler inspired weddings;  it is a company with a very simple layout and mission statement that specializes in wedding sparklers only!

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