Our Story

Weddings are always searching for new ways to express themselves, to express your unique experience with love.  Every couple’s experiences are solely theirs to voice on their wedding day.  As such, every wedding will be different; every wedding will have its own season as a special guest, its own decor that tells a story, and all the small colorful details that paint the bigger picture.  These are all reasons that make each wedding unique, and we were passionate about finding a way to connect all weddings, all those individual tales of love.

So we began our research to discover a wedding experience that conquers the celebratory spirit of weddings.  Soon after, we came across beautiful, stunning pictures of a wedding trend that grows with popularity every single year: wedding sparklers!  Have you seen the spectacular pictures?!  We saw sensational wedding sparkler photography in rustic style weddings, beach weddings, urban weddings, in both simple and elegant weddings, absolutely everywhere regardless of the theme or location of the wedding.

The Magic of Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers all carry this hidden potential to surface warm smiles and unity. They are by far the only wedding item that boasts an expression, a presence.  We absolutely find such a feature to be an irreplaceable benefit!  At this point, we wanted every engaged couple to at least be informed about wedding sparklers.  More importantly, we wanted every engaged couple to be informed about the best wedding sparklers in the wedding industry!

We searched, placed orders, did giveaways and asked for feedback, and of course tested as many sparklers as we could from different companies. After coming across poor quality sparklers, we knew we couldn’t advocate for just any wedding sparkler; we wanted couples to enjoy the very sparklers that inspired us.  Before we knew it, we were beginning to create a system, an approach to finding the best wedding sparklers in the wedding industry.

Just as sparklers offer an experience, we not only focused on the details of the wedding sparkler (such as price and quality), but also on the interaction with the sparkler companies (such as customer service and expertise).  Our rating system soon came into place along with the best wedding sparkler companies!

Our Wedding Sparkler Review family is proud to announce the best wedding sparkler companies in the wedding industry!  We feel we covered the most important aspects of both the sparklers and the sparkler companies.  We will continue to service the wedding sparkler community with recent updates, changes, and tips on how to transform your wedding day with wedding day sparklers!